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News Posted on April 28, 2017

Professor Lee Publishes Essay on ‘Safeguarding Science’ in Huffington Post

Professor Peter Lee published an essay on “Safeguarding the Future of Science” in the Huffington Post. In the article, Professor Lee is critical of a Trump administration proposal that would slash federal science funding and urges the administration to “commit to robust funding for science and ensuring that scientists can pursue research without undue political influence.”

Professor Lee writes about the importance of federal science policy and how federal funding for research has produced significant gains for economic growth, health outcomes, and social welfare. Just as important, the government generally has respected scientific autonomy and avoided politicizing research, writes Lee.

“For over 70 years, the American research and development system has led the world in innovation based significantly on strong federal science funding and a commitment to allowing scientists to pursue research without undue political influence. The Trump administration would be well served to heed these lessons as it seeks to ensure America’s economic and technological leadership going forward.”

Professor Lee's scholarly work addresses the intersection of science and society, particularly exploring the patent system's impact on scientific and technological progress.