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News Posted on March 24, 2017

Professor Afsharipour Comments for San Francisco Chronicle on Uber Leadership Turnover

Professor Afra Afsharipour commented for the San Francisco Chronicle on the resignation of the President of Uber ride-sharing operations, Jeff Jones.  Jones departed after six months, stating that the company’s culture was not consistent with his values as a leader, the Chronicle reports.

Professor Afsharipour said that executives at large, publicly traded companies such as Target, Jones’ previous employer, are provided with a set of legal and moral standards that they must follow, but such structures do not exist at private firms like Uber.

Professor Afsharipour’s areas of research include comparative corporate law and governance, mergers and acquisitions, and transactional law.  Her scholarship has appeared in numerous law reviews, including the Columbia Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, the Vanderbilt Law Review, and the UC Davis Law Review