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News Posted on March 24, 2017

Professor Bhagwat Publishes Essay in Inside Higher Ed

Professor Ashutosh Bhagwat published an essay in Inside Higher Ed regarding the role of “safe space” in college campuses and other learning environments.  Co-authored with Washington University School of Law Professor John Inazu, the article states that, while easily parodied, properly constructed safe spaces can help students pursue knowledge.

“The safe space, like the university itself, is a complex idea that, properly construed, can help students engage more fully in the pursuit of knowledge across differences,” Bhagwat and Inazu write. “Moreover, while the lessons of safe spaces begin with college campuses, they do not end there. The college campus is in some ways a microcosm of our broader society. Reflecting on the give-and-take of campus debate and its limits may give us some insights into how to pursue civic discourse in the rest of society.”

Ashutosh Bhagwat, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law, is an innovative, broad-ranging, and widely published constitutional law scholar.