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News Posted on March 17, 2017

King Hall Hosts New J.D. Exchange Students and Visiting Scholars for Spring Semester

UC Davis School of Law welcomed two new exchange students from India and three new exchange students from China for the spring semester. They join exchange students from Ireland, who are continuing on from the fall.

Three additional visiting scholars also arrived this winter, from South Korea, England, and Germany. These scholars join those who arrived in the fall from China, Japan, and Switzerland.

Professor Kun Young Chang arrived from South Korea as a Visiting Scholar to study at King Hall for the next year. Professor Chang teaches in the areas of corporations and securities regulations. At UC Davis, he will conduct research for his project, “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Multi-National Enforcement of Korean Securities Laws.” Professor Chang chose UC Davis School of Law because of the prestigious faculty in his areas as well as the many kinds of support offered to visiting scholars. “The library here is very good,” says Professor Chang. “When I first studied for my LL.M. and doctorate in the U.S. 15 years ago, we had access to fewer references. The Mabie Law Library at UC Davis has so much to offer, and it’s very comfortable.”

J.D. Exchange student Chinmayi Krishnapur (from the National Law School of India University) chose UC Davis because it was the most academically rigorous of her exchange options. She has enrolled in a variety of courses, including water law. Krishnapur wanted to take a course that is vitally relevant to California, and, water disputes are common in her state in India. “California’s water law has undergone an interesting evolution,” she says. “Though I don’t believe I will need water law expertise in my initial career direction, it’s an issue that’s close to my heart. Someday, I would like to contribute to solutions in water disputes in my home state.”

Song Biru joined UC Davis from Renmin University, where she is completing her first degree in law and focusing on international commercial and business law. She enjoys her time as an exchange student at King Hall, where she loves visiting her professors in office hours. “American professors are really close to the students, compared to my experience in China,” says Song. “They have much more time to spend with their students, and I really benefit from that. They help me to know where to focus in my studies.” Song notes how much she loves Davis: “I feel so comfortable here. For example, when I get on the bus, the other passengers are happy to make room for me, or if I look tired, sometimes they offer to help carry my bags. People here are so kind!”

J.D. Exchange and Visiting Scholars Program Coordinator Charlie Lemcke sees interest from potential partners increasing every year. “We constantly look to new regions of the globe for additional academic exchange opportunities,” says Lemcke. “Each invitation is thoughtfully evaluated, taking into consideration how it might round out the portfolio of existing institutional connections.”

Associate Dean Beth Greenwood leads J.D. Exchange and Visiting Scholars programs at the School of Law. “We are fortunate to welcome talented exchange students and scholars each semester from our partner law schools around the world,” says Greenwood. She notes their presence at King Hall allows for mutually enriching scholarly exchange with faculty and students, which supports the mission of the UC Davis School of Law.

For questions about the J.D. Exchange and Visiting Scholars programs, please contact Charlie Lemcke, the Visiting Scholars program coordinator, at

For more information about the International Law Programs, please visit or contact Kate Asche at or 530-752-6081.