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News Posted on February 3, 2017

Professor Imwinkelried Guests on Vanderbilt Law Podcast

Professor Edward Imwinkelried recently appeared as a guest on “Excited Utterance,” Vanderbilt Law School’s series of podcasts on evidentiary topics hosted is Edward Cheng, the Tarkington Chair at Vanderilt. 

Professor Cheng invited Professor Imwinkelried to discuss his research about the source code for automated forensic techniques such as infrared intoxilyzers and the probabilistic genotyping software used to evaluate mixed DNA samples.  During the podcast, Professor Imwinkelried elaborated about his views on two questions:  whether the proponent of testimony based on such a technique is obligated to present evidence of the accuracy of the technique's source code;  and when, if ever, the party opposing the admission of such testimony is entitled to pretrial discovery of the source code.   Although most courts have denied discovery, Professor Imwinkelried argues that at least circumstances discovery ought to be permitted.  The podcast will probably air in April.

Last year Professor Imwinkelried made a presentation on the same subject at a scientific evidence conference at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.   He has an article on the subject forthcoming in DePaul Law Review.