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News Posted on January 27, 2017

Professor Larson Interviewed on Trump and Russia by TBS eFM's ‘This Morning’

Professor Carlton Larson was interviewed on TBS eFM's "This Morning," an English-language radio program in Seoul, on President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Professor Larson said that there was legitimate cause for concern.

“The scope and depth of ties that have been alleged between Trump and the Russian government are really something completely out of the ordinary in the American political mainstream,” he said. “We’ve never had a candidate who is potentially so closely linked to a foreign government. The consistent pro-Russian statements from Trump and his complete refusal to distance himself from Russia give rise to quite valid suspicions.”

Part of the reason suspicions have persisted is that Trump’s own statements regarding his ties to Russia have been contradictory, and he continues to refuse to release his tax returns, which could provide some clarity, Larson said.

“The American people have never been given a full financial picture of the scope of all his dealings, and if we had those I think we could feel a whole lot more confident about the nature and scope of any Russian financial ties,” said Larson.

Carlton Larson's research interests focus on constitutional law and legal history, with a strong emphasis on the 18th century.