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News Posted on August 19, 2016

UC Davis Hosts Summer 2016 International Commercial Law LL.M and Global Trading System Students

Over the past eight weeks, UC Davis School of Law welcomed an outstanding group of mid-level and senior legal professionals to its summer International Commercial Law (ICL) LL.M. program and to its two-week workshop, The Global Trading System.

UC Davis's unique LL.M. program allows international lawyers, judges, and legal professionals to complete their specialized studies in International Commercial Law in two to five summers at King Hall and in locations abroad, such as Como, Italy. The convenience and flexibility of the ICL LL.M. program make it possible for legal professionals to maintain their practices while acquiring critical skills for representing clients in a fast-paced international commercial environment.

This year's ICL LL.M. welcomed legal professionals from a half dozen countries. They arrived beginning in late June to complete up to eight weeks of coursework. First-year students enrolled in the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, a foundational course. After completing this course, students joined small seminars taught by UC Davis Law School faculty and other senior practitioners in subjects such as business associations, conflict of laws, intellectual property (including the two-week Licensing Academy), comparative law, anti-trust and other specialized subjects that are critical for representing clients in complex global business.

This year, many of the students also joined the two-week advanced workshop in The Global Trading System. Angel Luzzi (of Argentina) is an alumnus of the summer International Law Programs who so loved his first experience at Davis, in 1995, that he has planned to return ever since. This summer, the timing worked out.

"My first experience at Davis," says Luzzi, "gave me an open minded vision of how to approach complex transactions. The first item we learned about was taxation matters. Ever since then, in my professional practice, the first thing I consider as I begin any transaction is its taxation issues." Luzzi finds this year's advanced workshop very interesting, and he thinks the professors are excellent. "They have both a theoretical and practical way of seeing things. In South America, we have a mostly theoretical way of teaching. To have practitioners teaching us is a real privilege."

Guilherme Mendes (Brazil) is a second-year student in the UC Davis summer International Commercial Law LL.M. program. "International commerce is a lot of what I was looking for in an LL.M.," says Mendes. "At my firm, I work with big companies doing transnational business. At UC Davis, we have the opportunity to see similar issues from a different perspective. We learn not only the U.S. approach, but also how the other countries represented by our classmates would approach such an issue." After completing his first courses at UC Davis last summer, Mendes changed how he works based on what he learned. Mendes says that, "in Brazil, sometimes we make things so complicated. The professor said to keep to the facts of the situation, to keep my analysis clear and simple. This has approach really helps me as I serve my clients."

Beth Greenwood, Associate Dean for International Programs at the UC Davis School of Law, says the faculty and administration at King Hall are "proud of the role we have played, for almost 20 years, in contributing our expertise to the global business environment. We have hosted many incredible international legal professionals in the summer LL.M., and our specialized programs, and these program alums now form a powerful global network of sophisticated international practitioners."

For more information about the International Law Programs, please visit or contact Kate Asche at or 530-757-8569.