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News Posted on August 19, 2016

Professor Horton Comments on Extreme Sports for New York Times Blog

Professor David Horton was quoted in a New York Times "Well" blog entry regarding extreme sports such as BASE jumping and ice climbing. In many cases, participants have to sign waivers in order to participate in such activities, and it is important that they fully understand the risks in doing so, Professor Horton said.

"People are terrible judges of risk," Horton said. "They don't understand the language of the contracts they sign saying that they have no legal rights if something should go wrong. Organizers don't have to spell out all the risks for the contract to be enforceable."

"Be as clear-eyed as you can be about what can possibly go wrong -- ask questions, do research about potential downsides, and don't try anything you're not capable of or properly equipped to do," said Horton.

Professor Horton joined the King Hall faculty in 2012.  His primary research and teaching interests are wills and trusts, contracts, and arbitration law.  In 2015, his article "In Partial Defense of Probate: Evidence from Alameda County, California" was selected as the winner of the 29th annual Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Scholarly Paper Competition and he was honored with UC Davis School of Law's Distinguished Teaching Award.