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News Posted on August 14, 2015

King Hall Orientation in USA Law Marks 26th Year

USA Law Group
Practicing lawyers, judges, prosecutors and defenders, scholars and law students from 14 countries across five continents travelled to King Hall to explore U.S. legal theory and practices and to experience California culture during the 26th annual Orientation in U.S.A. Law Program at UC Davis School of Law. This year's program ran July 12 through August 8.

USA LawThe program is offered as part of King Hall's full suite of learning opportunities for international lawyers and students, with sessions taught by UC Davis professors as well as practicing judges and attorneys. Academic field trips show students the California legislative, judicial and criminal justice systems in action. Social events and recreational trips to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco help round out the experience as students forge lasting professional and personal friendships.

When Beth Greenwood, Associate Dean of International Programs at UC Davis School of Law, first created this program many years ago, she knew that it would impact international lawyers in important ways. Says Dean Greenwood, "The Orientation in U.S.A. Law program has served thousands of students and professionals from around the globe over the past 26 years.  Besides being an outstanding program, we are proud of its amazing legacy - a global network of thousands of legal professionals who are connected through the rule of law." 

USA Law StudentsMaria Ticiana Araujo joined the program from Brazil, and will continue on into the summer part-time International Commercial Law LL.M. program at King Hall. "My favorite thing," she shares, "is that, in this program, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people from many countries, to cross cultures, and to get in touch with the practice of U.S. law. These are things you can't learn from a book. The environment of the campus is very nice and friendly. The facilities of the Law School are amazing!"

"I am here through a special program through my position at the Mexican Consulate," says Felix Herrera, "that helps diplomats like me to improve our skills with regard to the U.S. legal system. I work in Northern Arizona, in the area of citizen services, which includes human rights and other legal issues. For me, the most important topics of the course have been criminal justice, civil law and torts." Herrera finds great value in his time at UC Davis. "If you are interested in the U.S. legal system," he says, "this is a great opportunity to get an overview of it and to think about your own [professional] future. It's been amazing."

Chien-Hung "Oscar" Yang comes from the Taiwanese Ministry for Economic Affairs. Yang will be a student in the UC Davis LL.M. program this fall, and he participated in the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program as preparation for his LL.M. studies. "I like that there are many topics, and that they are presented by many different professors and specialists," says Yang. "We work together in teams for our constitutional law project, which has helped me to make friends with people from China, Brazil, South Korea, and many other places. I first came to Davis several years ago, when my brother was studying here, in a different field. I will always love the weather and the comfortable college town. It is a wonderful place for international students."

"Each summer's legal professionals learn about the US legal system while sharing knowledge from their own legal systems," says Greenwood. "Their deep engagement with the law inspires us to continuously tailor the program to the changing international legal landscape. It is an incredible honor for King Hall to host these wonderful colleagues."

For more information about the Licensing Academy and other International Law Programs, please visit or contact Kate Asche at or 530-757-8569.