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News Posted on August 12, 2014

King Hall Hosts 2014 International Commercial Law LL.M. Program

Felipe FrancaFor the thirteenth consecutive year, UC Davis School of Law has welcomed an outstanding group of part-time LL.M. students to its International Commercial Law (ICL) LL.M. program. This unique program allows international lawyers, judges, and legal professionals to complete their LL.M. degrees with a specialization in International Commercial Law in two to five summers of study at King Hall and in locations such as Germany and Brazil.  The convenience and flexibility of the ICL program make it possible for legal professionals to maintain their practices while acquiring critical skills for representing clients in a fast-paced international commercial environment.  

This year's ICL LL.M. students arrived in early July to take up to six weeks of coursework. Students are in split cohorts for the month of July, with first-year students participating in Orientation in U.S.A. Law and second- through fifth-year students participating in one or more week-long elective courses. Then, all cohorts come together for the first two weeks of August to participate in a specialized program on topics that rotate from year to year. This year's topic was Financing International Transactions.   Some students also took coursework at the University of Cologne in Germany as part of their studies this summer.

Felipe França comes to the program from Brazil. "For me," he says, "it's very productive to compare U.S. law, international law, and Brazilian law. As part of my job, I deal on a daily basis with sharing and explaining opinions between Brazil, the U.S., and Germany. It's of paramount importance to have this broad knowledge."

Mohamed BashaIn Egypt, Mohamed Basha is an administrative judge. "I preside over administrative cases between the government and employees," says Basha. "I would like to move toward working with cases pertaining to multinational companies. I have enjoyed learning the different legal vocabulary here--the words in Arabic mean very different things. I am really looking forward to learning about contracts, especially."

Beth Greenwood, Executive Director of International Law Programs at the UC Davis School of Law, states that "The ICL is a cutting-edge, high quality legal educational program taught by our renowned faculty and top notch legal experts.  Since its inception, the successful ICL has attracted mid-level international professionals who cannot leave their practices for a year but want a high quality, specialized educational program.  We have hosted many incredible international legal professionals in the ICL who now form a global network of practitioners.  We're proud of the role that the UC Davis School of Law has played in contributing its expertise to the global business environment."

For further information about the International Law Programs, please contact Alice Warrick, Associate Director of International Law Programs, at or at 530.757.8569.