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News Posted on July 23, 2014

Summer International Law Programs Mark 25th Anniversary

Summer 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the UC Davis School of Law Summer International Law Programs. The first summer program, Orientation in USA Law, was launched in 1990 when 69 foreign lawyers and judges came from around the world to UC Davis School of Law to learn about the common law system with a special emphasis on emerging international joint transactions. Since then, more than 2,500 foreign lawyers and judges have participated in these highly successful international educational programs.

Thanks to the support of its hundreds of Orientation participants, UC Davis School of Law went on to launch a series of unique and innovative summer programs including International Joint Ventures, International Trade, Financing International Transactions, Licentiate in International Transactions and the groundbreaking Summer International Commercial Law LL.M. program.

The success of these programs over many years has rested on the extraordinary support and scholarly reputation of the UC Davis School of Law faculty. The faculty members are joined by prominent members of the judicial and legal communities from Sacramento and the Bay Area in teaching the summer program classes.

Beth Greenwood, Executive Director of the International Programs at the UC Davis School of Law, says, "These unique programs were way ahead of their time, were highly innovative when they were established and have enjoyed many years of well-deserved success. Faculty members such as Gary Goodpaster, Robert Hillman, Friedrich Juenger, Floyd Feeney, Ed Imwinkelried, Jim Smith and Rex Perschbacher were early supporters of the programs and understood that we were entering a time of globalization. Along with visionary academic leaders from the top universities in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, they saw that lawyers needed a new body of knowledge to provide the highest quality representation to their clients. Their vision helped to put the UC Davis School of Law on the international map."

For further information about the Summer International Law Programs, please contact Alice Warrick, Associate Director of International Law Programs, at or at 530.757.8569.