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News Posted on July 3, 2014

Research by Professor Chander and Uyen Le '11 Featured in The Atlantic

A recent paper by Professor Anupam Chander and California International Law Center Fellow Uyen Le '11 entitled "Breaking the Web: Localization vs. the Global Internet" was featured in an article in The Atlantic. Written by Gordon M. Goldstein, the article discusses the ways in which "fierce and rising geopolitical conflict over control of the global network threatens to create a balkanized system" that could stifle innovation and economic growth.

That article cites Chander and Le in support of the idea that "anxieties over surveillance ... are justifying governmental measures that break apart the World Wide Web," and questioning the benefits of such efforts toward "data nationalization."

"Breaking the Web: Localization vs. the Global Internet" has drawn significant media attention, including mentions on and the Financial Times Tech Blog.

Professor Anupam Chander is a leading scholar in the law of globalization and digitization, and has written widely on international law and cyber law.  He is also Director of the California International Law Center at King Hall.

The Atlantic

"Breaking the Web: Data Localization vs. the Global Internet"