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News Posted on May 29, 2014

Professor Chander's Views on Internet Regulation Featured by Indian Newspaper   

Professor Anupam Chander was interviewed by Mint, one of India's largest business newspapers, on data protection, data localization, and other issues related to global anxiety over internet surveillance and security. In an article published in the newspaper and on Live Mint, the newspaper's website, Professor Chander said that if governments seek to restrict the international flow of data as part of an effort to improve security, these measures could stifle innovation and economic activity, particularly in India.

"The outsourcing industry has brought opportunity to many Indians, offering them the chance to provide services to the world without migrating abroad," said Chander. "The industry depends on the free flow of data across the world--from tax returns to legal documents. If countries shut down this free flow, it will harm economic growth across the world."

Professor Anupam Chander is a leading scholar in the law of globalization and digitization, and has written widely on international law and cyber law.  He is also Director of the California International Law

Live Mint