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News Posted on May 8, 2014

Professor Joh Comments on Drone Surveillance for Center for Investigative Reporting

Professor Elizabeth Joh commented for a report on the Center for Investigative Reporting website regarding a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department drone surveillance program.  The two-week program has generated controversy, in part because it was not revealed to the public.

Joh said there's "an understandable need from law enforcement's side to keep these kinds of devices secret, because they don't want that information to get into the wrong hands. Then that technology becomes less effective than it could have been." At the same time, there's a critical question regarding what police owe to a community in which people will be subject to surveillance, she said.

Professor Joh's scholarship focuses on criminal procedure and policing, with a special emphasis on DNA evidence, undercover policing, and new surveillance technologies.

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