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News Posted on April 11, 2014

J. Angelo DeSantis Presents Paper at John Marshall Law School

J. Angelo DeSantis presented a paper at the 12th Annual Employee Benefits Symposium at the John Marshall Law School, in Chicago on April 4. The subject of the symposium was "The Implementation of the Affordable Care Act."

DeSantis presented his paper entitled, "The Thin Red Federal Poverty Line: How Rejecting Medicaid Expansion Affects Those with Exchange Coverage," in which he discusses what happens to Exchange plans, and individuals with Exchange coverage, in states that reject the Medicaid Expansion. Rules and regulations that make sense in states that expand Medicaid start to become nonsensical, harsh, and in some cases ironic, in states that reject the Medicaid Expansion, DeSantis writes.

DeSantis, a 2008 graduate of King Hall, teaches Legal Research and Writing at UC Davis School of Law.