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News Posted on March 13, 2014

Research by Professor Chander and Uyen Le '11 Featured by Financial Times, BusinessWeek and Bloomberg

A new paper by Professor Anupam Chander and California International Law Center Fellow Uyen Le '11 entitled "Breaking the Web: Localization vs. the Global Internet" was featured in stories by the Financial Times, BusinessWeek, and Bloomberg.

In the wake of revelations from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden regarding U.S. government spying, many countries are working to restrict the international flow of data as part of an effort to improve security. Such measures could stifle innovation and competition while failing to make communications more secure, Professor Chander said in interviews to news media.

"Protectionism breeds a sense of security and the thing that is most useful to ensure the quality of a service is competition - what you want is healthy competition around the world, and if you're insulated from foreign competition, your service suffers," Professor Chander said in an interview with "We'll muddle through, but the costs will be in companies that never come into being, because the local rules make it too difficult to build a top global platform."

Professor Anupam Chander is a leading scholar in the law of globalization and digitization, and has written widely on international law and cyber law.  He is also Director of the California International Law Center at King Hall.

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"Breaking the Web: Data Localization vs. the Global Internet"