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News Posted on February 28, 2014

UC Davis School of Law Co-sponsors Inaugural Psychology and Lawyering Conference

UC Davis School of Law, together with the University of Illinois College of Law and University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Law, co-hosted a new conference on "Psychology and Lawyering: Coalescing the Field." The event was held February 21-22 in Las Vegas and drew an audience in excess of 100 scholars, lawyers, judges and psychologists. As part of the conference, Professor Donna Shestowsky presented her research paper "Preference: How Litigants Evaluate Legal Procedures Ex Ante." In addition, King Hall sponsored the keynote address reception for keynote speaker Professor Tom Tyler of Yale Law School.

"Psychology and Lawyering: Coalescing the Field"

"Psychology and Lawyering" Faculty Blog Entry by Professor Donna Shestowsky