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News Posted on January 23, 2014

Elisabeth A. Semel '75 Quoted on Death Penalty Case by CNN

Elisabeth A. Semel '75, clinical professor of law and Director of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law, authored an opinion piece for CNN on the recent execution of an Ohio inmate using a new and untested combination of drugs.  The article was quoted by CNN in a report on the inmate's death.

Ohio has been forced to try new drug protocols because European-based drug manufacturers have banned the use of their products in executions.  In this case, the state used an untested combination of drugs midazolam, a sedative; and the painkiller hydromorphone. Prior to the execution, Semel warned in her opinion piece "End Secrecy in Lethal Injections" that "the truth is that no one knows exactly how [the inmate] will die, how long it will take or what he will experience in the process."  The inmate took more than 10 minutes to die, according to CNN.

CNN report

"End Secrecy in Lethal Injections"