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News Posted on January 27, 2014

UC Davis J.D. Class of 2013 Achieves 85 Percent Bar Passage Rate, Ranks Among Best in the State

Justice Louis Mauro '87 of the California Courts of Appeal signs California State Bar registration cards for recent graduates at the Swearing-In Ceremony on December 6, 2013. 

Graduates of UC Davis School of Law who took the California State Bar Exam for the first time in July 2013 achieved an outstanding 85 percent passage rate, placing the school's pass rate fifth among California law schools approved by the American Bar Association. 

California ABA-approved law schools had bar passage rates as follows:

1. Stanford 91%
2. UCLA 88%
3. Loyola LA 87%
4. USC 86%
5. UC Davis, UC Berkeley 85%
7. Pepperdine 81%
8. UC Irvine, Chapman 77%
9. UC Hastings 76%
11. San Diego, USF, Western State 75%
12. Southwestern 74%
13. Santa Clara 73%
14. California Western 69%
15. LaVerne 68%
16. McGeorge 67%
17. Whittier 65%
18. Golden Gate 56%
19. Thomas Jefferson 50%

Of the 180 first-time takers from King Hall, 153 passed. That success rate of 85 percent is about nine percentage points higher than the average posted by first-time test takers who graduated from all American Bar Association-approved law schools in California, and higher still than the average of first-time takers from all ABA-approved schools. The bar passage rate for all UC Davis School of Law graduates in the fall of 2013, which includes those taking exams in other states, was also 85 percent, demonstrating that King Hall graduates fared well in all states, not just California.

"We are extremely proud, but not surprised, by the excellent performance of our students on this year's California Bar Exam and other state Bar Exams," said Dean Kevin R. Johnson. "Their success is a tribute to the talent and determination of our Class of 2013, as well as our outstanding faculty and academic programs."

Dean Johnson also praised the Law School's Academic Success Program and recently expanded bar preparation resources. King Hall's comprehensive bar preparation program includes innovative bar skills courses, workshops, writing programs for students and new graduates, and opportunities for tutoring, as well as presentations by faculty, State Bar representatives, instructors from leading bar review programs, and recent School of Law graduates who have passed the exam.

Recent graduates who passed the July 2013 exam returned to King Hall for the Swearing-In Ceremony on December 6, 2013. The state oath was administered by Justice Louis Mauro '87 of the Third Appellate District of the California Courts of Appeal. The federal oath was administered by Judge Troy Nunley of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. Photos of the ceremony can be viewed at the link below.

2013 California State Bar Exam Results

View images from the 2013 Swearing-In Ceremony