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News Posted on November 18, 2013

Professor Bhagwat Participates in California Lawyer Energy Law Roundtable

Professor Ashutosh Bhagwat participated in the California Lawyer Energy Law Roundtable on October 11. The discussion, organized by California Lawyer magazine, featured Professor Bhagwat and four leading energy law attorneys offering insights on a range of current issues. Professor Baghwat is a member of the governing board of the California Independent System Operator, the nonprofit corporation charged with operating the majority of California's high-voltage wholesale power grid. An edited transcript of the proceedings has been published in the November issue of California Lawyer.

Among many issues addressed in the roundtable, Professor Bhagwat commented on recent energy legislation and how it impacts California's efforts to meet the Renewables Portfolio Standard requiring that 33 percent of the state's energy be procured from renewable sources by 2020.

"We're in a period of learning," said Bhagwat. "The extent to which new things come on board-dispatchable demand response, economically viable storage -- they're big, big questions that we don't know the answer to yet."

Professor Bhagwat is an innovative, broad-ranging, and widely published constitutional law scholar.