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News Posted on October 25, 2013

Immigration Law Clinic Wins Bond Appeal for Client

UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic students succeeded in winning the bond appeal of Clinic client Claudette Hubbard. Her bond case has been remanded to Immigration Court. In a case that has drawn attention from media including the Wall Street Journal, Immigration Law Clinic students have collaborated with former Solicitor General Paul Clement in defending Hubbard, a lesbian who has been ordered removed to Jamaica, a country known for violence against homosexuals.

Working under the guidance of Immigration Law Clinic Staff Attorney Holly Cooper, Melanie Young '13, Charlene Chen '13, and Christine Meeuwsen '14 handled Hubbard's bond hearing and Andrea Wu '15 wrote the bond appeal brief, successfully arguing that the Immigration Court had incorrectly applied standards used to determine the client's flight risk.

Based upon the Jamaican government's tolerance of violence against gays and lesbians, Hubbard is seeking protection under the Convention Against Torture. In August, the defense team successfully appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals from the Ninth Circuit to remand her case to the Bureau of Immigration Affairs.