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News Posted on July 3, 2013

Associate Dean Amar Comments on California Same-Sex Marriages for Huffington Post, Sacramento Bee

Vikram Amar, Associate Dean and Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law, commented for media including the Huffington Post and Sacramento Bee on legal issues related to the resumption of same-sex marriage in California following the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the state's same-sex marriage ban, Proposition 8. 

The Court ruled on June 26 that the initiative's backers lacked standing to appeal a lower court decision overturning the law, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Nine Circuit lifted a stay that had prohibited same-sex marriage while the Supreme Court appeal was active.  Marriage licenses were issued almost immediately, despite the claims of Prop. 8 proponents that they had 25 days to ask the Supreme Court to reconsider.

"Some people may think it was in poor form, but it's not illegal" for the Ninth Circuit to have lifted its stay before the end of the 25-day waiting period, Amar told the Huffington Post. "The appeals court may have felt that this case has dragged on long enough."

"The Supreme Court very rarely grants a motion for reconsideration, it's a thousand-to-one shot," Amar said in an interview with the Sacramento Bee.

Vikram Amar, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Law with the UC Davis School of Law, is a national authority in the fields of constitutional law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and remedies. His biweekly column for, a leading provider of online legal information, centers on his expertise in constitutional law.

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