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News Posted on June 27, 2013

Professor Bennoune Publishes Essay on 20th Anniversary of Assassinations of Algerian Intellectuals

Professor Karima Bennoune has published an article online on Open Democracy regarding the twentieth anniversary of the assassinations of Algerian intellectuals that took place as part of Islamic fundamentalists' attack on the country's secular culture two decades ago. In her essay, "Algeria twenty years on: words do not die," Professor Bennoune argues for the "urgent need" to remember what happened during "Algeria's dark decade."

"Fundamentalism is on the rise now from Yemen to Tunisia and beyond... Algeria's experience should serve as a warning today about how dangerous such developments are, and help identify the best way to combat that danger," writes Bennoune.

Karima Bennoune is an author, lecturer, teacher, and international law scholar as well as the first Arab-American to be honored with the Derrick A. Bell Award from the Section on Minority Groups of the Association of American Law Schools. She joined the King Hall faculty from Rutgers School of Law-Newark in 2012.

"Algeria twenty years on: words do not die"