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News Posted on June 11, 2013

Professor Lin Comments on Geoengineering for Sacramento News & Review

Professor Albert Lin was a primary source of information and commentary for a Sacramento News & Review cover story on geoengineering published on June 6.  Lin, who is identified as "a national leader in the call for global governance of geoengineering practices," contributes numerous comments about efforts to use technology to manipulate the Earth's temperature as means of offsetting climate change and the need to regulate such practices.

"There isn't a whole lot of progress being made in terms of mitigating greenhouse-gas emissions," said Lin. "There's no doubt more radical alternatives are getting increased attention. Some see [geoeingeering] as the magic bullet to solve our problems without doing it the more difficult way."

The article includes a photograph of Lin in his office, descriptions of King Hall, and quotes from other UC Davis sources.

Albert Lin is a professor at the UC Davis School of Law with special interests in environmental law, natural resources law, and evidence.

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