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News Posted on May 7, 2013

Marissa O'Connor '13, Robert Semones '13 Honored with Hopkins Award

Marissa O'Connor '13 and Robert Semones '13 have been honored with the 2013 Patrick J. Hopkins Memorial Writing Award.  The award recognizes the best note or comment by a UC Davis Law Review editor.  O'Connor is the Law Review's Editor in Chief, and Semones is Senior Articles Editor.

Semones's note, "A Parade of Horribles: Uncharged Relevant Conduct, the Federal Prosecutorial Loophole, Tails Wagging Dogs in Federal Sentencing Law, and United States v. Fitch" was published in the UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 46, Issue 1, and is online at O'Connor's comment is "Conditional Compulsion: Examining the Constitutionality of the Leadership Act's Affirmative Speech Restriction."