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News Posted on April 18, 2013

Professor Ventry Comments on Tax Preparation for KPCC

Professor Dennis J. Ventry, Jr. contributed comments and information to a report on Southern California Public Radio station KPCC on the "April 15 tax deadline: What to do if you waited until the last minute (FAQ)".  The article points out that California taxpayers can file for free, using pre-populated returns provided by the state through the ReadyReturn and CalfFile systems. Ventry, who has studied the state's free-filing system since it was introduced, said ReadyReturn and CalFile offer many advantages to taxpayers and the state.

"It makes tax filing less anxiety-ridden," Ventry said. "If we have the information, it's just dumb that we don't help taxpayers with the process. If you make people pay taxes, then shouldn't you make it easier?"

Professor Ventry is an expert in tax policy and legal ethics. His research interests include tax expenditure analysis, family taxation, professional responsibility and standards of care, tax filing and administration, tax compliance, public finance, and tax and legal history. In addition, he was recently added as a co-author on the casebook, Legal Ethics and Corporate Practice.