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News Posted on March 22, 2013

Raha Jorjani Comments on Immigration Reform for Colorlines

Raha Jorjani commented for Colorlines on immigration reform proposals under consideration in Washington. In its reform proposal, the Obama administration is reportedly planning to include a provision that would narrow the definition of an aggravated felony and give judges more discretion as to when noncitizens charged with felonies should face deportation.

"Reverting back to a definition that classifies only the most severe offenses as ‘aggravated felonies' is a necessary step toward establishing some semblance of proportionality in the relationship between crime and deportation in the United States," Jorjani said.

Raha Jorjani is a staff attorney and lecturer in the Immigration Law Clinic at the UC Davis School of Law with a special interest in advocacy on behalf of detained immigrants.