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News Posted on March 22, 2013

Professor Hillman Comments on JPMorgan Investigation for Washington Post

Professor Robert Hillman commented for the Washington Post on the recent release of a U.S. Senate report on JPMorgan Chase containing more than 900 pages of evidence that could help the Securities and Exchange Commission make the case that bank executives broke the law by failing adequately disclose billions of dollars in losses on a derivatives portfolio in 2012.

"The report puts tremendous pressure on the SEC to address the responsibilities of JPMorgan and its top officers for what is happening in the trenches," said Hillman. "This gives the SEC a chance to respond to the many questions that have been raised as to whether the agency can be an effective regulator or will continue to be a potted plant."

Robert Hillman is a Professor of Law and holds the Fair Business Practices and Investor Advocacy Chair at UC Davis School of Law.  He is a scholar in the fields of international transactions, securities regulation, and corporate and partnership law.

Washington Post