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News Posted on February 22, 2013

Dean Johnson Publishes Immigration Policy Op-ed in Sacramento Bee

Dean Kevin R. Johnson has published an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on the challenges involved in achieving consensus regarding the immigration reform proposals currently under consideration in Washington, D.C.  Though President Obama and a bipartisan group of senators have put forward similar proposals, the nation should "expect plenty of fireworks" as immigrant rights advocates and opponents clash over the details.  Dean Johnson's essay touches on potential controversies over proposals to increase enforcement, provide a path to legalization for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States, and reform of legal immigration.  He calls for "sober compromises" from both sides as the debate moves forward.

"If we hope to pass a reform measure in the coming months, we will need to discuss immigration reform clearly, soberly and carefully, and consider what is best for the nation, as well as what Congress as a practical matter can pass," writes Dean Johnson.

Kevin R. Johnson is Dean and Mabie-Apallas Professor of Public Interest Law and Chicana/o studies at UC Davis School of Law. He is an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of immigration law and policy, refugee law, and civil rights.

Sacramento Bee op-ed: "Reforms will require sober compromises"