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News Posted on February 5, 2013

Professor Ventry to Present "Probability, Professionalism, and Protecting Clients" at USC, University of San Diego Law Schools

Professor Dennis Ventry will present "Probability, Professionalism, and Protecting Clients in Rendering Tax Advice" at the 16th Amendment Anniversary Conference at USC Gould School of Law, held February 8-9, and as part of the Tax Law Speaker Series at the University of San Diego School of Law on February 12.

The article proposes a more rigorous framework for undertaking probability assessments in rendering tax advice--a process that all too often relies primarily upon intuition, Professor Ventry writes.  Ventry posits an analytical model that treats tax advice, both simple and sophisticated, as inherently an act of probability and thus as a behavior subject--at least in part--to empirical methods. Ventry's model reinforces the affirmative obligations imposed on tax advisors under the prevailing standards of care in rendering tax advice, and animates a tax advisor's duties to her clients, to the tax system, and to her own professionalism.

Professor Ventry is an expert in tax policy and legal ethics. His research interests include tax expenditure analysis, family taxation, professional responsibility and standards of care, tax filing and administration, tax compliance, public finance, and tax and legal history. In addition, he was recently added as a co-author on the casebook, Legal Ethics and Corporate Practice.