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News Posted on January 24, 2013

Professor Imwinkelried Speaks on Expert Testimony at Georgia Law Review Symposium

On Friday, January 18, Professor Edward Imwinkelried spoke at a symposium hosted by Georgia Law Review in Athens, Georgia.  On January 1, Georgia became the 44th state to adopt a version of the Federal Rules of Evidence.  To commemorate the event, the law review sponsored a symposium on Evidence reform.  Professor Imwinkelried participated in the panel devoted to "Evidence Law and Science."  He spoke on the topic of "The Epistemological Trend in the Evolution of the Law Governing the Admissibility of Expert Testimony." 

Professor Imwinkelried is a world-renowned evidence expert and has published prolifically in the field. He also has written extensively on the subject of expert testimony.  In late December, LexisNexis Publishing released the new edition of his coauthored treatise: Paul C. Giannelli, Edward J. Imwinkelried, Andrea Roth & James Campbell Moriarity, Scientific Evidence, (LexisNexis 5th ed. 2012)(2 vols.)