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News Posted on November 27, 2012

Professor Villazor Contributes Immigration Op-ed to New York Times Online

Professor Rose Cuison Villazor authored an op-ed that appeared in "Room for Debate," a feature of the New York Times website.  The article, "Race Can Preclude Acceptance," is part of an online debate exploring why some immigrants are considered simply "American" while others continue to be thought of as outsiders.

Professor Villazor writes that consideration of these issues must recognize that throughout American history "many laws were enacted to prevent certain immigrant groups from becoming full members of American society on the grounds of race."

"Given this history of systemic denial of formal and equal citizenship, it should therefore not come as a surprise that some immigrant groups, particularly those of color, are presumed to be not truly Americans," writes Professor Villazor.

Professor Rose Cuison Villazor joined the UC Davis faculty in 2012 from the Maurice A. Deane Law School at Hofstra University.  She has also taught at Columbia Law School and the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.  Professor Villazor teaches and writes in the areas of property law, immigration law, race, and citizenship.

"Race Can Preclude Acceptance"