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News Posted on November 6, 2012

California Environmental Law & Policy Center Releases Report on Proposition 37

King Hall's California Environmental Law & Policy Center (CELPC) has released a white paper examining California Proposition 37, an initiative appearing on the November 6 ballot. Entitled "The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act," the measure would regulate the labeling of many genetically engineered foods. 

The white paper is an independent and objective analysis and does not advocate for any position on the measure. It was primarily researched and written by Miles Hogan '12, Environmental Law Fellow for CELPC, with extensive research and writing contributions from Naomi Kaplowitz '12, CELPC Research Assistant. It was completed under the guidance of and with extensive review by Richard M. Frank '74, Executive Director for CELPC and Professor of Environmental Practice at UC Davis School of Law.

UC Davis School of Law's California Environmental Law & Policy Center serves to focus environmental scholarship and initiatives, promote interdisciplinary collaboration across UC Davis and beyond, and advance environmental law and policy at all levels of government.

California's Proposition 37: A Legal & Policy Analysis