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News Posted on October 12, 2012

Professor Frank Comments on California Food Labeling Initiative for Public Radio International

Professor of Environmental Practice Richard Frank commented for Public Radio International on Proposition 37, an initiative on the California ballot that would require manufacturers to label food containing genetically modified organisms. 

Professor Frank noted that although many other nations already require such labeling, "In the United States the effort to label or disclose genetically engineered food has not gone too far."  Polls show the initiative is favored by Californians by a three-to-one margin, but that may change, given the opposition of several major agribusiness corporations that have spent $25 million opposing the measure, roughly ten times the amount spent by proponents. "I think as a result of the imbalance of campaign funds on either side, I think that gap is going to narrow considerably," Frank said.

Frank, a 1974 graduate of King Hall, is a leader in the field of environmental law and the founding Director of the California Environmental Law and Policy Center at UC Davis School of Law.

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