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News Posted on September 27, 2012

Professor Saucedo Helps Draft Amicus Brief in California Supreme Court Immigrants' Rights Case

Professor Leticia Saucedo helped to draft an amicus brief submitted to the California Supreme Court in Salas v. Sierra Chemical, a case involving the discrimination claim of an immigrant worker filed against his employer.  The employer argued the worker could not pursue his claim because he provided an invalid Social Security document and the lower court agreed.  The brief, which Saucedo helped to draft with Jason Rabinowitz of Beeson, Tayer & Bodine, who is currently teaching Labor Law at King Hall as a Visiting Professor, and which is signed by four other law professors, explains the legal and public policy consequences of letting the lower court's decision stand, including the chilling effect on immigrant workers seeking workplace protections. 

Leticia Saucedo is a Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Legal Education at UC Davis School of Law, and an expert in employment, labor, and immigration law.