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News Posted on September 6, 2012

Professor Joh Comments on DNA Evidence for New York Times

Professor Elizabeth Joh commented for the New York Times on issues associated with the collection of DNA evidence during suspect interviews.  The article examines New York City police protocol, which sets strict rules regarding the handling of soda cans, cigarettes, and other items from which "abandoned DNA" might be collected following an interview.  Professor Joh has argued that the police collection of such genetic material ought to be called "covert involuntary sampling."  She also said it was unclear how many DNA samples the police took surreptitiously each year, but police have used the technique to make arrests in a number of cold cases.

Elizabeth Joh researches in the areas of criminal law and procedure. She has special interests in the fields of policing, criminal justice privatization, and the sociology of law.

New York Times article