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News Posted on August 28, 2012

Professor Pruitt Speaks at Australia's University of Southern Queensland, Macquarie University

Professor Lisa R. Pruitt was the 2012 Dean's Distinguished Visitor for the Faculty of Law and Business at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.  During her time in Australia, Professor Pruitt gave a public lecture at the University of Southern Queensland, as well as a faculty colloquium at the Center for Legal Governance, Macquarie University, Sydney.  She also met with the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, and the Queensland Rural Women's Network to discuss legal and other strategies for enhancing the rights and opportunities of rural women.

Lisa R. Pruitt is a professor at UC Davis School of Law whose recent scholarship explores the legal relevance of rural spatiality, including how it inflects dimensions of gender, race, and ethnicity.  Pruitt's work also considers rural-urban difference in transnational and international contexts.