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News Posted on April 23, 2012

Alumni Volunteers Sought for King Hall Moot Court Program

Looking for a way to volunteer at King Hall but worried you don't have the time?  The Law School's Moot Court program offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities throughout the year for alumni, and allows the volunteers themselves to determine their level of involvement and time commitment. 

Each fall, a majority of the second-year students take Appellate Advocacy (commonly called "Moot Court"), a course which culminates in the annual Moot Court Competition, where students write appellate briefs and deliver arguments before volunteer judges.  In the spring, top students are selected to participate in the Neumiller Competition, and the Law School hosts the Asylum & Refugee Law National Moot Court Competition.  Additionally, students may participate in interschool competitions. 

The fall competition typically runs from mid-October through early November.  Judges may volunteer for one or more sessions, each of which runs from 5-9 pm and involves five rounds of competition, with judges offering written and oral feedback.  The Neumiller Competition (usually in early April) and the Asylum & Refugee Law National Moot Court Competition (in early February) are similarly organized in evening sessions.  In each case, volunteers serve for as many or as few evenings as they choose. 

"We need judges for both these competitions, and it's a relatively easy way for alumni to get involved, with a very flexible time commitment," said John Stoller '12, chair of the 2011-12 Moot Court program. "If you want more involvement, you can volunteer as a practitioner coach, where you would be paired with a 3L student competition coach from the Moot Court Board, working to prepare a competition team over the course of about two months.  Again, it is up to the volunteer to determine how often they want to work with the students during that time."

To volunteer for the Moot Court program, please contact the new Moot Court Chair Zachary Schultz '13 at