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News Posted on April 5, 2012

Professors Amar, Brownstein Publish Op-ed on Affordable Care Act in Los Angeles Times

Vikram Amar, Associate Dean and Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law, and Professor Alan Brownstein have co-authored an op-ed on the recent U.S. Supreme Court arguments concerning the Affordable Care Act.  The article has been published by the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and republished by numerous online publications.  A slightly edited version of  the essay will appear Sunday, April 8 in the San Jose Mercury News.

Entitled "Supreme Court needn't fear healthcare law's individual mandate provision," the op-ed addresses a concern voiced by some justices to the effect that the Act's requirement that individuals purchase health insurance could send constitutional doctrine down a "slippery slope" toward unchecked government power.  Brownstein and Amar write that "we are already poised on equally treacherous slopes in interpreting the commerce clause, and the court has demonstrated that it has plenty of pitons available to it to arrest our slide and limit the scope of federal power." 

Vikram Amar is a national authority in the fields of Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, and Remedies. His biweekly column for, a leading provider of online legal information, centers on his expertise in Constitutional Law.

Professor Brownstein, a nationally recognized Constitutional Law scholar, teaches Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, and Torts at UC Davis School of Law, where he holds the Boochever and Bird Endowed Chair for the Study and Teaching of Freedom and Equality.

"Supreme Court needn't fear healthcare law's individual mandate provision"