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News Posted on December 6, 2011

Professors Chander, Sunder Give Named Lecture at California School Boards Association Conference

Professors Anupam Chander and Madhavi Sunder gave the annual Juanita Haugen Lecture on Civic Education at the California School Boards Association Conference held in San Diego on December 1-3.  Their lecture, "What's In a Name? The Amazing Story of Fred Korematsu Elementary School," recounted their efforts to name a new elementary school in Davis after the civil rights hero Fred Korematsu, the plaintiff in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Korematsu v. United States.   The effort to name the school after a Japanese-American led the town to confront its past, and also served to inspire children about their future.

Chander and Sunder have published a comic book, Fred Korematsu: All-American Hero, which is being distributed free of charge to California school libraries to help teach students about Korematsu, the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the civil rights issues involved.  The book is available for viewing online by following the link below.

Fred Korematsu: All-American Hero