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News Posted on August 15, 2011

Professor Imwinkelried Speaks at Evidence Law Conference in Beijing

On August 16-17, Professor Edward Imwinkelried attended the Third International Conference on Evidence Law and Science at the Beijing Meeting Center in China.  The conference was sponsored by China University of Political Science and Law. 

Professor Imwinkelried was a member of the expert committee which selected papers for presentation at the conference.  He delivered one of the four keynote addresses to the general assembly on the first day of the conference.  

At the end of the conference, the attendees voted to establish the first permanent international evidence association, the International Association of Evidence Science.  Professor Imwinkelried was elected to the governing council of the association.  Professor Imwinkelried and Professor Ronald Allen of Northwestern University are the only American law professors on the 22-person council. 

Professor Imwinkelried is a world-renowned evidence expert and has published extensively in the field.