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News Posted on August 2, 2011

Wajahat Ali '07 Comments on Anti-Muslim Extremism for Public Radio International

Wajahat Ali '07 commented on how anti-Muslim extremists in the United States may have influenced Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian charged with carrying out a mass killing in his home country on July 22, for The Takeaway, a news program produced by Public Radio International.

"He was ideologically inspired, I think we can safely say that, by the what I would call the hateful anti-Muslim writings and opinions of several notorious American Islamaphobes whom he cites many, many times over again in the memo who have a history of working together to profit off of the creation and promotion of misinformation, fear, and bigotry against Muslims," Ali said.

Ali, a Pakistani-American who grew up in Fremont before attending UC Berkeley and then King Hall, has enjoyed a successful career as a writer, contributing essays and articles to publications including The Guardian of London and The Huffington Post, and authoring a play, "The Domestic Crusaders."

The Takeaway