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News Posted on February 8, 2011

Professor DeSantis Publishes Op-ed in Sacramento Bee

Professor Angelo DeSantis has published an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee.  The article, "Judge's ‘slippery slope' argument distorts debate on health care," which appeared in the Bee's Viewpoints section on February 7, addresses the recent federal court ruling that the health care reform law is unconstitutional. 

The opinion warns that if Congress can require Americans to buy healthcare, Congress would also have the power to do a wide range of undesirable things, including requiring Americans to buy and consume broccoli.  DeSantis calls that assertion "highly misleading." 

DeSantis writes that "[t]he slippery slope argument conveniently lets opponents of health care reform argue against hypothetical misuses of congressional power rather than health care reform itself."   "If upholding the health care mandate gives Congress dangerous new powers, this is a tiny drop in the ocean of Congress' dangerous power."  "[W]e should not let this interfere with Congress' ability to enact the very good and incredibly important health care reform."

Angelo DeSantis, a 2008 graduate of King Hall, teaches Legal Research and Writing at UC Davis School of Law.

"Judge's ‘slippery slope' argument distorts debate on health care"