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News Posted on January 5, 2011

Professor DeSantis Publishes Health Insurance Op-ed in Bee

Professor Angelo DeSantis has published "Why Big Government Should Force Americans to Buy Real Insurance," an op-ed that appeared in the Sacramento Bee on December 26.  In the article, DeSantis describes the inadequacies of certain plans available to consumers buying health care on the open market and asserts the need for a government role in ensuring that Americans buy adequate coverage by mandating that consumers purchase "minimal essential coverage" as part of the recently passed health care reform act.

"It's time to leave the rhetoric behind and embrace reality: we need Big Government to tell us to buy real insurance," writes DeSantis. "We need to mandate minimum essential coverage."

Angelo DeSantis, a 2008 graduate of King Hall, teaches Legal Research and Writing at UC Davis School of Law.

"Why Big Government should force Americans to Buy Real Insurance"