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News Posted on November 22, 2010

Professor Amann Comments on Terrorism Trial for NY Times

Professor Diane Marie Amann contributed an essay on the federal trial of terrorism suspect Ahmed Ghailani to "Room for Debate," a feature of the New York Times website.  Ghailani was acquitted on more than 280 charges and convicted on a single count of conspiracy, stirring debate over plans to try other terrorism suspects in the criminal justice system. 

In an essay entitled "A Proper Conviction," Professor Amann writes that the trial reached a proper verdict that will ensure Ghailani will serve at least 20 years and possibly be imprisoned for life for his role in terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.  "In short, this trial confirmed the capacity of federal criminal courts to protect both individual rights and public safety," writes Amann.

Diane Marie Amann is a Professor of Law and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall Research Scholar, and Director, California International Law Center at King Hall, UC Davis School of Law.

"A Proper Conviction"