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News Posted on November 8, 2010

Professors Shestowsky, Jorjani Speak at Child Welfare Symposium

Professors Donna Shestowsky and Raha Jorjani spoke at the interdisciplinary Child Welfare Symposium at the UC Davis Center for Mind & Brain on November 5.  Professor Shestowsky gave a presentation entitled "‘That Didn't Happen': Can Adults Distinguish between Children's Reports and False Denials," with Gail Goodman of the UC Davis Department of Psychology.  Professor Jorjani spoke on "Deporting Mom and Dad: The Impact of Mass Detention and Deportation on Children in the United States."

Donna Shestowsky, who has both a law degree and a PhD in Psychology, is a Professor at UC Davis School of Law, where she teaches Criminal Law, Negotiation Strategy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Legal Psychology.  She was the 2007 recipient of the Law School's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Raha Jorjani is a staff attorney in the Immigration Law Clinic at the UC Davis School of Law with a special interest in advocacy on behalf of detained immigrants.