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News Posted on October 25, 2010

Professor Feeney Comments on DUI Case for Bee

Professor Floyd Feeney commented for the Sacramento Bee on the case of a woman with four prior convictions for driving under the influence who was arrested following a fifth incident in which she killed another driver.  The family of the deceased and others has raised questions as to why the woman was not imprisoned following earlier offenses, and Professor Feeney commented that while the desire to imprison drunk drivers is understandable, imprisonment is costly and may not be an effective deterrent in the long run.

"What are they hoping to accomplish?" Professor Feeney. "If you are in prison, you're not running anyone down, but unless you're willing to put someone in prison forever, they eventually get out."

Floyd Feeney is the Homer G. and Ann Berryhill Angelo Professor of Law at the UC Davis School of Law and the winner of the Law School's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1986 and 2008.  The author of seven books and numerous articles, Feeney is a nationally recognized scholar on election law and criminal procedure.

Sacramento Bee article