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News Posted on September 27, 2010

Professor Aoki "Bound by Law" Comic Featured in SF Chronicle

"Bound by Law," a comic book co-authored by Professor Keith Aoki, was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as part of a set of stories on copyright.  The comic, written by Professor Aoki with Duke Law School Professors James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins, is described as "an attempt by three law professors to explain copyright law and fair use to documentary film makers" in a medium that would be "both accessible and capable of conveying a lot of information quickly."

Aoki is described in the article as "a cartoonist who loves the work of Robert Crumb, Jaime Hernandez, Scott McCloud and Jack Kirby. He learned long ago that ‘you can take the boy away from the comics, but you can't take the comics out of the boy.'"  He is also a Professor of Law at King Hall who publishes and teaches in the areas of intellectual property, globalization, critical race theory, and local government law.  He was recently honored with election to the prestigious American Law Institute.

San Francisco Chronicle article

"Bound by Law"