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News Posted on September 27, 2010

Professor Feeney Comments on Police Misconduct Case for Bee

Professor Floyd Feeney commented for the Sacramento Bee on allegations of police misconduct that have resulted in 79 cases being identified for dismissal by the Sacramento County District Attorney.  The allegations come as a result of an extensive investigation by the District Attorney and Police Department that prosecutors say found evidence that a Sacramento Police officer improperly conducted DUI stops and falsified reports, prompting District Attorney Jan Scully to decide it would be impossible and unethical to prosecute the associated cases. 

Professor Feeney praised local authorities for their handling of the problem.  "Some offices would've just kissed this off and waited for somebody outside to make a noise about this," Professor Feeney said. "I think it speaks well for them. This is what should happen."

Floyd Feeney is the Homer G. and Ann Berryhill Angelo Professor of Law at the UC Davis School of Law and the winner of the Law School's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1986 and 2008.  The author of seven books and numerous articles, Feeney is a nationally recognized scholar on election law and criminal procedure.

Sacramento Bee article