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News Posted on August 24, 2010

Professor Cooper Speaks on Immigration at National Conferences

Professor Holly S. Cooper spoke on immigration law at national conferences of the American Bar Association and American Sociological Association.

Speaking at the ABA Annual Meeting held in San Francisco on August 5-8, Professor Cooper participated in a panel discussion on "The Essentials of an Immigration Case: Overview, Forms of Relief, Direct and Circuit Court Appeals."

Professor Cooper also spoke at the American Sociological Association's Annual Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 14-17 at a Special Session called "Immobilizing Immigrants: Collapse of Power and Personhood at the Nexus of Criminal and Immigration  Enforcement."  Cooper's talk was entitled, "Detention of US Citizens in Immigration Custody - the New Internment Camps and the Government Impunity from the Non-Detention Act."  She compared and contrasted the internment of the Japanese post-WWII with executive detention of U.S. citizens in immigration custody in modern times and concluded that the law set out to protect U.S. citizens from another internment has not achieved its purpose.

Holly Cooper is a professor of law and serves as staff attorney at the UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic. Her areas of specialty include immigration law and detained immigrants' rights.